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ustl::index_iterate< RandomAccessIterator, IndexIterator > Class Template Reference

Allows iteration through an index container. More...

#include <ustl.h>

Public Types

typedef RandomAccessIterator value_type
typedef ptrdiff_t difference_type
typedef RandomAccessIterator * pointer
typedef RandomAccessIterator reference

Public Member Functions

 index_iterate (RandomAccessIterator ibase, IndexIterator iindex)
bool operator== (const index_iterate &i) const
bool operator< (const index_iterate &i) const
bool operator== (const RandomAccessIterator &i) const
bool operator< (const RandomAccessIterator &i) const
IndexIterator base (void) const
reference operator* (void) const
pointer operator-> (void) const
index_iterateoperator++ (void)
index_iterateoperator-- (void)
index_iterate operator++ (int)
index_iterate operator-- (int)
index_iterateoperator+= (size_t n)
index_iterateoperator-= (size_t n)
index_iterate operator+ (size_t n) const
index_iterate operator- (size_t n) const
reference operator[] (uoff_t n) const
difference_type operator- (const index_iterate &i) const

Detailed Description

template<typename RandomAccessIterator, typename IndexIterator>
class ustl::index_iterate< RandomAccessIterator, IndexIterator >

Allows iteration through an index container.

Converts an iterator into a container of uoff_t indexes to an iterator of iterators into another container.

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