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ustl::priority_queue< T, Ctr, Comp > Class Template Reference

Sorted queue adapter to uSTL containers. More...

#include <ustl.h>

Public Types

typedef Ctr base_ctr
typedef base_ctr::value_type value_type
typedef base_ctr::size_type size_type
typedef base_ctr::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef base_ctr::const_reference reference

Public Member Functions

 priority_queue (const Comp &c=Comp())
 priority_queue (const_pointer f, const_pointer l, const Comp &c=Comp())
size_type size (void) const
bool empty (void) const
reference top (void) const
void push (reference v)
void pop (void)

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename Ctr = vector<T>, typename Comp = less<typename Ctr::value_type>>
class ustl::priority_queue< T, Ctr, Comp >

Sorted queue adapter to uSTL containers.

Acts just like the queue adapter, but keeps the elements sorted by priority specified by the given comparison operator.

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