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ustl::matrix< NX, NY, T > Class Template Reference

A two-dimensional array of NX*NY elements of type T. More...

#include <ustl.h>

Inheritance diagram for ustl::matrix< NX, NY, T >:
ustl::tuple< NX *NY, T >

Public Types

typedef tuple< NX, T > row_type
typedef tuple< NY, T > column_type
typedef tuple< NX *NY, T > tuple_type
typedef tuple_type::value_type value_type
typedef tuple_type::size_type size_type
typedef tuple_type::pointer pointer
typedef tuple_type::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef tuple_type::reference reference
typedef tuple_type::const_reference const_reference
typedef tuple_type::iterator iterator
typedef tuple_type::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef tuple_type::range_t range_t
typedef tuple_type::const_range_t const_range_t
typedef tuple_type::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef tuple_type::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
- Public Types inherited from ustl::tuple< NX *NY, T >
typedef T value_type
typedef size_t size_type
typedef value_type * pointer
typedef const value_type * const_pointer
typedef value_type & reference
typedef const value_type & const_reference
typedef pointer iterator
typedef const_pointer const_iterator
typedef ::ustl::reverse_iterator< iterator > reverse_iterator
typedef ::ustl::reverse_iterator< const_iterator > const_reverse_iterator
typedef pair< iterator, iterator > range_t
typedef pair< const_iterator, const_iterator > const_range_t
using initlist_t = std::initializer_list< value_type >

Public Member Functions

size_type columns (void) const
size_type rows (void) const
const_iterator at (size_type i) const
iterator at (size_type i)
const_iterator operator[] (size_type i) const
iterator operator[] (size_type i)
row_type row (size_type r) const
column_type column (size_type c) const
template<typename T2 >
const matrixoperator= (const matrix< NX, NY, T2 > &src)
const matrixoperator= (const matrix< NX, NY, T > &src)
const matrixoperator+= (const_reference v)
const matrixoperator-= (const_reference v)
const matrixoperator*= (const_reference v)
const matrixoperator/= (const_reference v)
const matrix operator+ (const_reference v) const
const matrix operator- (const_reference v) const
const matrix operator* (const_reference v) const
const matrix operator/ (const_reference v) const
- Public Member Functions inherited from ustl::tuple< NX *NY, T >
 tuple (const tuple< N, T2 > &t)
 tuple (const tuple< N, T > &t)
 tuple (const_pointer v)
 tuple (const_reference v0)
 tuple (const_reference v0, const_reference v1)
 tuple (const_reference v0, const_reference v1, const_reference v2)
 tuple (const_reference v0, const_reference v1, const_reference v2, const_reference v3)
 tuple (initlist_t v)
iterator begin (void)
const_iterator begin (void) const
iterator end (void)
const_iterator end (void) const
size_type size (void) const
size_type max_size (void) const
bool empty (void) const
const_reference at (size_type i) const
reference at (size_type i)
const_reference operator[] (size_type i) const
reference operator[] (size_type i)
tupleoperator= (const tuple< N, T2 > &src)
tupleoperator= (const tuple< N, T > &src)
tupleoperator= (initlist_t v)
tupleoperator+= (const_reference v)
tupleoperator+= (initlist_t v)
tupleoperator-= (const_reference v)
tupleoperator-= (initlist_t v)
tupleoperator*= (const_reference v)
tupleoperator*= (initlist_t v)
tupleoperator/= (const_reference v)
tupleoperator/= (initlist_t v)
tuple operator+ (const_reference v) const
tuple operator- (const_reference v) const
tuple operator* (const_reference v) const
tuple operator/ (const_reference v) const
void swap (tuple< N, T > &v)
void read (istream &is)
void write (ostream &os) const
void text_write (ostringstream &os) const
size_t stream_size (void) const
tupleassign (initlist_t v)

Detailed Description

template<size_t NX, size_t NY, typename T>
class ustl::matrix< NX, NY, T >

A two-dimensional array of NX*NY elements of type T.

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