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ustl::multimap< K, V, Comp > Class Template Reference

A sorted associative container that may container multiple entries for each key. More...

#include <ustl.h>

Inheritance diagram for ustl::multimap< K, V, Comp >:
ustl::vector< pair< K, V > >

Public Types

typedef K key_type
typedef V data_type
typedef const K & const_key_ref
typedef const V & const_data_ref
typedef const multimap< K, V, Comp > & rcself_t
typedef vector< pair< K, V > > base_class
typedef base_class::value_type value_type
typedef base_class::size_type size_type
typedef base_class::pointer pointer
typedef base_class::const_pointer const_pointer
typedef base_class::reference reference
typedef base_class::const_reference const_reference
typedef base_class::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef base_class::iterator iterator
typedef base_class::reverse_iterator reverse_iterator
typedef base_class::const_reverse_iterator const_reverse_iterator
typedef pair< const_iterator, const_iteratorconst_range_t
typedef pair< iterator, iteratorrange_t
typedef Comp key_compare
typedef pair_compare_first< value_type, Comp > value_compare
typedef pair_compare_first_key< K, V, Comp > value_key_compare
using initlist_t = std::initializer_list< value_type >
- Public Types inherited from ustl::vector< pair< K, V > >
typedef pair< K, V > value_type
typedef value_typepointer
typedef const value_typeconst_pointer
typedef value_typereference
typedef const value_typeconst_reference
typedef pointer iterator
typedef const_pointer const_iterator
typedef memblock::size_type size_type
typedef memblock::written_size_type written_size_type
typedef memblock::difference_type difference_type
typedef ::ustl::reverse_iterator< iteratorreverse_iterator
typedef ::ustl::reverse_iterator< const_iteratorconst_reverse_iterator

Public Member Functions

 multimap (size_type n)
 multimap (rcself_t v)
 multimap (const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
rcself_t operator= (rcself_t v)
key_compare key_comp (void) const
value_compare value_comp (void) const
size_type size (void) const
iterator begin (void)
const_iterator begin (void) const
iterator end (void)
const_iterator end (void) const
const_iterator find (const_key_ref k) const
 Returns the pair<K,V> where K = k.
iterator find (const_key_ref k)
const_iterator lower_bound (const_key_ref k) const
iterator lower_bound (const_key_ref k)
const_iterator upper_bound (const_key_ref k) const
iterator upper_bound (const_key_ref k)
const_range_t equal_range (const_key_ref k) const
range_t equal_range (const_key_ref k)
size_type count (const_key_ref v) const
void assign (const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
void push_back (const_reference v)
iterator insert (const_reference v)
void insert (const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
void clear (void)
void erase (const_key_ref k)
iterator erase (const_iterator ep)
iterator erase (const_iterator ep1, const_iterator ep2)
void swap (multimap &v)
 multimap (multimap &&v)
 multimap (initlist_t v)
multimapoperator= (multimap &&v)
iterator insert (value_type &&v)
iterator insert (const_iterator, value_type &&v)
void insert (initlist_t v)
template<typename... Args>
iterator emplace (Args &&...args)
template<typename... Args>
iterator emplace_hint (const_iterator h, Args &&...args)
template<typename... Args>
iterator emplace_back (Args &&...args)
- Public Member Functions inherited from ustl::vector< pair< K, V > >
 vector (size_type n)
 Initializes a vector of size n.
 vector (size_type n, const pair< K, V > &v)
 Copies n elements from v.
 vector (const vector &v)
 Copies v.
 vector (const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
 Copies range [i1, i2].
 vector (vector &&v)
 vector (std::initializer_list< pair< K, V > > v)
const vectoroperator= (const vector &v)
 Copies contents of v.
vectoroperator= (vector &&v)
bool operator== (const vector &v) const
 operator cmemlink (void) const
 operator cmemlink (void)
 operator memlink (void)
void reserve (size_type n, bool bExact=false)
 Allocates space for at least n elements.
void resize (size_type n, bool bExact=true)
 Resizes the vector to contain n elements.
size_type capacity (void) const
size_type size (void) const
size_type max_size (void) const
bool empty (void) const
iterator begin (void)
const_iterator begin (void) const
iterator end (void)
const_iterator end (void) const
const_iterator cbegin (void) const
const_iterator cend (void) const
reverse_iterator rbegin (void)
const_reverse_iterator rbegin (void) const
reverse_iterator rend (void)
const_reverse_iterator rend (void) const
const_reverse_iterator crbegin (void) const
const_reverse_iterator crend (void) const
iterator data (void)
const_iterator data (void) const
const_iterator cdata (void) const
iterator iat (size_type i)
const_iterator iat (size_type i) const
reference at (size_type i)
const_reference at (size_type i) const
reference operator[] (size_type i)
const_reference operator[] (size_type i) const
reference front (void)
const_reference front (void) const
reference back (void)
const_reference back (void) const
void push_back (const pair< K, V > &v=pair< K, V >())
 Inserts value v at the end of the vector.
void push_back (pair< K, V > &&v)
void pop_back (void)
void clear (void)
void shrink_to_fit (void)
void deallocate (void) noexcept
 Calls element destructors and frees storage.
void assign (const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
 Copies the range [i1, i2].
void assign (size_type n, const pair< K, V > &v)
 Copies n elements with value v.
void swap (vector &v)
iterator insert (const_iterator ip, const pair< K, V > &v)
 Inserts value v at offset ip.
iterator insert (const_iterator ip, size_type n, const pair< K, V > &v)
 Inserts n elements with value v at offsets ip.
iterator insert (const_iterator ip, const_iterator i1, const_iterator i2)
 Inserts range [i1, i2] at offset ip.
iterator insert (const_iterator ip, pair< K, V > &&v)
iterator insert (const_iterator ip, std::initializer_list< pair< K, V > > v)
iterator erase (const_iterator ep, size_type n=1)
 Removes count elements at offset ep.
iterator erase (const_iterator ep1, const_iterator ep2)
 Removes elements from ep1 to ep2.
void manage (pointer p, size_type n)
bool is_linked (void) const
void unlink (void)
void copy_link (void)
void link (const_pointer p, size_type n)
void link (pointer p, size_type n)
void link (const vector &v)
void link (vector &v)
void link (const_pointer first, const_pointer last)
void link (pointer first, pointer last)
void read (istream &is)
void write (ostream &os) const
void text_write (ostringstream &os) const
size_t stream_size (void) const
iterator emplace (const_iterator ip, Args &&...args)
 Constructs value at ip.
void emplace_back (Args &&...args)
 Constructs value at the end of the vector.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from ustl::vector< pair< K, V > >
iterator insert_space (const_iterator ip, size_type n)
 Inserts n uninitialized elements at ip.

Detailed Description

template<typename K, typename V, typename Comp = less<K>>
class ustl::multimap< K, V, Comp >

A sorted associative container that may container multiple entries for each key.

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