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Binary Streams


 Binary Stream Iterators


class  ustl::istream
 Helper class to read packed binary streams. More...
class  ustl::ostream
 Helper class to write packed binary streams. More...

Detailed Description

Unlike the C++ standard library, the default behaviour is very strongly biased toward binary streams. I believe that text formats should be used very sparingly due to numerous problems they cause, such as total lack of structure, buffer overflows, the great multitude of formats and encodings for even the most trivial of things like integers, and the utter lack of readability despite ardent claims to the contrary. Binary formats are well-structured, are simpler to define exhaustively, are aggregates of basic types which are universal to all architectures (with the exception of two types of byte ordering, which I hope to be an issue that will go away soon), and are much more readable (through an appropriate formatting tool equipped to read binary format specifications).

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