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uiterator.h File Reference

Contains various iterator adapters. More...

#include "utypes.h"


struct  ustl::iterator_traits< Iterator >
 Contains the type traits of Iterator. More...
class  ustl::reverse_iterator< Iterator >
 Wraps Iterator to behave in an exactly opposite manner. More...
class  ustl::insert_iterator< Container >
 Calls insert on bound container for each assignment. More...
class  ustl::back_insert_iterator< Container >
 Calls push_back on bound container for each assignment. More...
class  ustl::index_iterate< RandomAccessIterator, IndexIterator >
 Allows iteration through an index container. More...


 The ustl namespace contains all ustl classes and algorithms.


template<class Container >
insert_iterator< Container > ustl::inserter (Container &ctr, typename Container::iterator ip)
 Returns the insert_iterator for ctr.
template<class Container >
back_insert_iterator< Container > ustl::back_inserter (Container &ctr)
 Returns the back_insert_iterator for ctr.
template<typename RandomAccessIterator , typename IndexIterator >
index_iterate< RandomAccessIterator, IndexIterator > ustl::index_iterator (RandomAccessIterator ibase, IndexIterator iindex)
 Returns an index_iterate for ibase over iindex.
template<typename IndexContainer , typename IteratorContainer >
void ustl::indexv_to_iteratorv (typename IteratorContainer::value_type ibase, const IndexContainer &xc, IteratorContainer &ic)
 Converts the indexes in xc to iterators in ic of base ibase.
template<typename Container >
Container::iterator ustl::unconst (typename Container::const_iterator i, Container &)
template<typename Container1 , typename Container2 >
Container2::iterator ustl::ibyi (typename Container1::iterator idx, Container1 &ctr1, Container2 &ctr2)
 Converts a const_iterator in one container into a const_iterator in another container.

Detailed Description

Contains various iterator adapters.

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